About Us

Romaisa Swimwear was created through a woman’s struggle to find swimwear that suited her lifestyle. As someone who dressed modestly while loving the outdoors, swimming and at the same time wanted to look fashionable, finding swimwear that incorporated all of these things was impossible to find. Knowing that I was absolutely not the only one with this struggle we started our quest for comfortable and modest swimwear. Dressing modest should not limit you for living your best life. This is all possible with our burkini collection.

Our goal is to inspire woman all over the world. As lovers of traveling and seeking adventures ourselves, we wanted to create a good quality, stylish and comfortable collection. We created our swimwear from scratch. We designed every little detail of it and kept in mind that every body is unique. We would not create anything unless we would wear it ourselves.

Also, we wanted to make it affordable for everyone. It’s made of a high quality fabric and can be used for years.

We strive to keep improving our swimwear. The loving reviews and feedback of our customers helps us a lot. We are so thankful that our customers share the same vision as ours and are in love with our collection. That being said, we try to have the best customer service as possible. Mostly, we reply the same day when there is a question or a problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or Instagram. We would love to help you out and give you the best advice possible so you can enjoy your purchase.

We’re overjoyed that we are able to offer these stylish three-pieces for you to enjoy!