Do you ever struggle to find modest swimwear that is as comfortable as it makes you look fashionable? At Romaisa Swimwear we feel you. That’s why we started designing and producing our own burkini collection. Made with the finest fabrics, designed with the latest fashion trends in mind and with an ultimate focus on comfort, our burkinis offer you the premium Islamic swimwear you’ve been dreaming of. Discover our unique collection swimsuits and feel the way you want to feel!

Islamic Swimwear Meets Fashion

Invented in 2003 by the Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, the burkini became instantly popular all over the world as Islamic swimwear. No wonder, because it offers a way to dress that is very comfortable on the beach, in the ocean and in the swimming pool, and at the same time covers the body. Now, two decades later, it’s not only Muslims who love to wear burkinis. Women with different cultural backgrounds discovered the burkini as a garment that combines Islamic modesty with western fashion and an excellent protection against the sun. At Romaisa Swimwear we even took this a step further: we redesigned every little detail of the burkini, so that it became a piece of chic and fashionable quality swimwear that we ourselves love to wear. And we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Premium Quality Modest Swimwear Made of the Finest Fabrics

Feeling good means feeling the way you want to feel. That’s why we didn’t only design our bathing suits with modesty and modern fashion in mind, but also for you to feel comfortable. All day long. If we go to the beach or spend a day on the poolside, we don’t want the fabric to irritate our skins or feel to tight on our body. Our high quality burkinis are perfect for all day long bathing. They are made of high quality fabric that feels soft on the skin, in- and outside of the water. The quick drying material is very lightweight and protects the skin against UV radiation of the sun. We promise you’ll feel great in our modest swimsuits. Not only today and tomorrow, but for years to come, since we also designed with durability in mind.

Burkinis and Hijabs Made for You

Whether you’re looking for a full coverage burkini or just a trendy swim hijab to complete your swimsuit, we want to offer you the best possible. That’s why we keep improving our products to make them perfect for you. Thanks to the loving feedback of our customers, we’ve been able to make our newest collection even more comfortable and true to size. With an added elastic waist and more space around the bust, our newest collection now offers an even better fit than it did before.

Shop your Burkini at Romaisa Swimwear

Can’t wait to feel the way you want to feel and spend days at the beach or the pool in luxury and comfort? Order your burkini today and we’ll make sure it finds its way to your door as quickly as possible! Our stylish burkinis are made for durability and guarantee years of modesty, style and comfort. Want to enjoy your burkini even longer? Please check our wash and care instructions for how to optimally care for your newly acquired garment!